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WEM virselis

ISSN 2345-069X


Wellness Institute (VšĮ Sveikatingumo institutas) periodically issues an e-journal of scientific reviewed articles Wellness Education and Management (Sveikatingumas: ugdymas ir vadyba). It contains scientific articles of various areas of science, analysing topical questions and problems relating with wellness, recreation, tourism, and sports. The journal publishes theory-based and empirical research, on the basis of which scientific ideas are published and developed, results of original research are presented, and knowledge of various scientific objects is also highlighted and focused. Since 2014 the jounal is indexed in Index Copernicus iternational database. The main topics of the e-journal include these wellness areas:

  • Evidence-based wellness development,
  • Public health,
  • Social responsibility in wellness business and social relations,
  • Wellness business systems,
  • Educational processes in wellness area,
  • Economic processes of wellness business,
  • Globalization processes in wellness business,
  • Change management in wellness markets,
  • Human resource management in wellness business,
  • Theory and practice of wellness marketing,
  • ​Trends of biomedical, social, physical, technological and other sciences in wellness business.

The e-journal also contains other kinds of scientific works: reviews of PhD theses, textbooks, monographs, and other works. The requirement for the articles is that they should be in English, original and not published before. The articles are reviewed by 2 reviewers appointed by the board of editors or other experts.

The journal is placed in the system of Lithuanian e-library (eLABa).

The first issue is going to be published at the end of 2013. 

The e-journal is placed in its website

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